UWA Research Project Finds No Difference in Insulated RE Walls in Kalgoorlie


Just in case you hadnt heard the news last year ... the preliminary results from the University of Western Australia research project in Kalgoorlie has some findings which surprised them, but I myself was not at all surprised.  University researchers found that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the inside temperature of the house built with insulated rammed earth walls and the house built without insulation!  Of course there isn't, we all knew that already, didn't we?  Click "read more" below for full story and link to UWA research results.

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New-Look Forum!


We have just re-organised the forum to give public viewing access to the general building discussion area and more great information, with a new Members Only area for things such as building plans for cottages and cabins, construction specific details and tutorials from the workshop and eBook, and of course the eBook as soon as it is released, and other exclusive Member goodies.  To become a member, either attend a live workshop or buy the up-coming eBook once it is released.

Happy building!

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Welcome to Australian Rammed Earth Builder - Australia's first and original training provider in professional stabilised rammed earth building - brought to you by Environmental Designer and rammed earth design specialist Sharon Ponsford of Rammed Earth Living in conjunction with some of the best professional rammed earth builders in the industry!  Sharon is also a professional member of the Earth Building Association of Australia. (EBAA)

To create a true solar-passive house which requires no air-conditioning and none or very little heating, in most climate zones one of the best choices for your walls is a building material with high thermal mass.  We believe the best building material to use for high thermal mass is stabilised rammed earth.

Earth Building Association of Australia

Have you ever wanted to learn rammed earth building from a respected professional in the industry?  At last you can learn rammed earth building from one of the masters, our courses are run by the best rammed earth building professionals in the industry.  Participants have travelled from all over the country to attend our workshops which are held at various locations in the Perth hills of Western Australia.

During our 2-day weekend masterclass you will learn how to build rammed earth walls from the ground up as you are taken carefully through each step of the process.  The first of its kind in Australia, our rammed earth building workshop is suited for everyone, from registered builders wishing to learn about rammed earth construction to tradespeople, owner-builders even those without any previous building experience are welcome to attend.

Each participant will be taken through the skills necessary to build rammed earth walls like an expert in no-time!  In fact many participants will go on to build their own sustainable rammed earth home.

Our professional rammed earth builder does not currently have any training courses scheduled, please register your interest to be notified when the next courses are available.

Rammed Earth Building Forum

To ensure that your learning experience continues, all course participants are eligible for lifetime membership to our members area and discussion forum.  A great resource of information for anyone wishing to learn even more about rammed earth construction.  If you have already completed our rammed earth building course, please email sharon at rammedearthliving.com.au for access to online discussion forum latest news and information.

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Rammed Earth In China


Rammed earth has been used as a durable and practical building material around the world for thousands of years.  I found the following example of ancient rammed earth in China, the Tulou round-houses.  Enjoy! http://naturalhomes.org/timeline/hakka-tulou.htm

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