UWA Research Project Finds No Difference in Insulated RE Walls in Kalgoorlie


Just in case you hadnt heard the news last year ... the preliminary results from the University of Western Australia research project in Kalgoorlie has some findings which surprised them, but I myself was not at all surprised.  University researchers found that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the inside temperature of the house built with insulated rammed earth walls and the house built without insulation!  Of course there isn't, we all knew that already, didn't we?  Click "read more" below for full story and link to UWA research results.

The requirements are different for each climate zone and of course in Alpine areas you do need to insulate your walls.  But in temperate climate with cool evenings and warm days, like Perth, Western Australia in climate zone 4 (and possibly climate zone 5, at the discretion of your council and/or building certifier) you just don't need to insulate your stablised RE walls.

Great news for rammed earth in Australia!  Thankyou so much UWA for undertaking this amazing research project for the benefit of all Australians who want to build with rammed earth.  So if you are in climate zones 4 (and possibly 5), and you want to build with rammed earth you can get your rammed earth building plans approved without insulation under the "alternative solution" method, by citing the results of the following research project at the following website link:

Please let your building certifier know this when you submit your plans for approval!

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